Saturday, August 22, 2015


There is a small group of clients who have resorted to defamation and blackmail against "Bahr El Jebel Safaris" creating mis-leading, illegal and false reports on the internet. Which is defamation to create finiancial harm, a criminal act in most countries.

"Bahr El Jebel Safaris" has been stopped several times from operating,  due to rebel actions and the current civil war in South Sudan. The safaris were stopped to protect the clients.

The reaction by clients has been 98% favorable,  with their rescheduling for safaris to start in 2016.
A small group of clients have used the internet for defamation to cause financial damage and blackmail, refusing to honor the cancellation/rescheduling policy with the company. They go so far as to state there are no rebels, no war, which anyone can investigate and learn the truth.  Defamation to create financial harm is a criminal act in most countries, not civil.  This is one problem with the internet - anyone can say anything on the internet, then the public thinks it is true and often the identity of the defamer is hidden. Until a court rules in a situation, nothing should be said and nothing is true. Slowly the world is waking up to this type of  unregulated defamation, starting in Europe where the courts are forcing google to remove content worldwide.

With Bahr El Jebel Safaris the policy of rescheduling is very clear to any one. It is repeated on the web site, on the invoice and in a signed agreement. If a person does not wish to follow the policy, then simply do not go to South Sudan.

In 2016 the company will be operating in the southern part of the country around Juba, Nimule, Torit, Kapoeta, Boma which have been free of rebels for over a year. The fighting is concentrated in the north,  for control of the oil wells,  around Bentiu and Malakal. Between these two areas is the great swamp called the Sudd which has affectively acted as a buffer zone.

The Great Sudd Swamp acting as a buffer between the fighting around the oil wells in northern South Sudan and the relatively peaceful southern part of South Sudan.

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